The Power of the People is the force of life. The choices facing us are solidarity and liberation, or fascism, environmental degradation and economic devastation. Choose life -- choose liberation! Fight for the future!

Turning the Tide stands for resistance to the Empire by every means possible and necessary to assure liberation, peace, justice and equality for all. We support decolonization and self-determination, a world without exploitation or oppression. We oppose white supremacy and all forms of racism. We support the liberation of women and an end to the oppression of LGBTQ people. We believe that we face an irreconcilable contradiction with an implacable foe, and that we must recognize that a just, peaceful, humane and sustainable world requires an uncompromising struggle against an enemy whose wealth and power is extracted from the planet and the people, a system of capitalism and colonialism that subjugates and destroys billions for the benefit of a few. That system and the class that runs it must be eliminated for the people and planet to survive.

Fascism is Rooted in Colonialism & White Supremacy

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End Mass Incarceration and the Colonial Criminal Injustice System!

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All Power to the People! Build the Revolutionary Inter-communal Survival Programs

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